Open Spaces, Tree Wells and Garden Terraces

Amenity Spine

In between blocks in Arbor Lanes at Arca South is an amenity spine. There will be four(4) of these that will dominate the almost 60% open space and parks of the project. A Garden Spine are situated between Block 1 and 2 and between Block 3 and 4. A Pool Spine is situated between Block 2 and 3 and between Block 4 and 5.

There will be Lap Pool, Lounge Pool, Kiddie Pool, Pool Deck,  Pool Shower and Locker Rooms, Function Rooms, Kiddie Play Area (Indoor and Outdoor) and a Fitness Gym.

the lobby, hallway and lounges

 Tree Wells

These are green landscaped voids that spring from the basement parking, opening, up to the ground level providing natural light and ventilation.


Garden Terraces

Garden Terraces at Arbor Lanes are open packet gardens that are randomly located at the typical levels. Block 1 has four of these.


This is a private space around 6 SQM. that expands the living room. The louver slats opens up to maximize natural light and ventilation making it totally adaptable to varying weather conditions.

garden lounge

Click here for unit floor plan and layout.

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